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Weight Gain Diet

How to Gain Weight with diet ?

What is Underweight really mean ?

There are many people who are too skinny besides eating an adequate diet.This is a concern because being underweight can be just too bad for your health as being obese.Underweight is defined as BMI below 18.5 .People who are underweight can be at risk of osteoporosis ,infections,fertility problems,low self esteem etc.

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ByRitika Lamba

Pregnancy Diet

How to stay Healthy during Pregnancy ?

What is the Right Diet for Pregnancy ?

Eating well throughout your pregnancy is crucial.A healthful diet for pregnancy is one that contains most or all of the essential nutrients your body needs and one that provides the right balance of carbs, fat and proteins without adding too many calories.

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ByRitika Lamba

Kidney Diet

How to cure Kidney Stones with a diet ?

What is Renal Calculi ?

A kidney stone normally begins as a small crystal like material and it gradually builds up into a larger,solid mass.Small crystals can travel through the urinary tract and pass out of the body,problem comes with big crystals they stick or settle in kidney where urine can not carry it out of the body.Calcium oxalate are the most common type of kidney stone.

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