Beat The Summer Heat With These Detox Drinks !!

ByRitika Lamba

Beat The Summer Heat With These Detox Drinks !!

Beat the heat with these detox drinks !!

 Curry leaves lemonade is a good way not only to beat the heat but also to detox the body of all the toxins. This natural drink imparts vitamins and minerals to the body. It helps fights free radicals , thus making it easy to reduce body fat too.Curry leaves are loaded with fiber,iron , calcium,magnesium,copper as well as vitamins like vitamin C,vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and many other antioxidants. It is known to be extremely good for hair and overall health. However, it can also benefit weight loss when taken regularly.


Blend fresh curry leaves with some water into a paste. Strain this mixture into a glass. Add some drops of lemon and half a tsp of honey. Drink this regularly for a healthy and quick weight loss.

Try these simple remedies, which are easily available in your kitchen and lose kilos in no time.


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