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ByRitika Lamba

Beat The Summer Heat With These Detox Drinks !!

Beat the heat with these detox drinks !!

 Curry leaves lemonade is a good way not only to beat the heat but also to detox the body of all the toxins. This natural drink imparts vitamins and minerals to the body. It helps fights free radicals , thus making it easy to reduce body fat too.Curry leaves are loaded with fiber,iron , calcium,magnesium,copper as well as vitamins like vitamin C,vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and many other antioxidants. It is known to be extremely good for hair and overall health. However, it can also benefit weight loss when taken regularly.


Blend fresh curry leaves with some water into a paste. Strain this mixture into a glass. Add some drops of lemon and half a tsp of honey. Drink this regularly for a healthy and quick weight loss.

Try these simple remedies, which are easily available in your kitchen and lose kilos in no time.


ByRitika Lamba

Coffee – Friend or Foe !

Many of us rely on a cup of coffee to kick start our day,but controversy surrounds the effect coffee has on our health.Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans, it contains caffeine. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system , heart and muscles.

Is coffee  good or bad for your health ?

People drink coffee to relieve mental and physical fatigue and to increase mental alertness. Coffee is safe for most adults when used appropriately. 

How much coffee causes Caffenism ?

Drinking more than six cups of coffee a day might cause caffenism. Caffeine is safe when used daily in amount of less than 200mg. This is about in one or two cups of coffee.Caffeine has side effects if taken in excess , it can cause weak bones (osteoporosis),as it can increase the amount of calcium that is flushed out in the urine. Limit it to not more than two or three cups a day. Consuming too much of caffeine might increase blood pressure in people with the history of high blood pressure.In case of heart disease also it can cause irregular heart beat and increase the levels of anxiety also.Drinking coffee in limited amount has some health benefits too. It is used in the treatment of headache, low blood pressure , obesity, body building , parkinson’s disease , to improve mental alertness also.

All About Coffee !!! 

If you are a coffee lover ,you must have tried most of the coffee types. A simple coffee can be made with different methods and they all taste amazing. The most common coffee are cappuccino and espresso , but there are other varieties also which you must try !!Here, is a guide to many types of coffee….Americano, Cafe mocha, Irish coffee, Iced coffee, Cafe latte , Macchiato…..many more!!!

Moderation is the key to good health !!! 

ByRitika Lamba

Is Ketogenic Diet Right For Weight Loss ?

Lets Review :- 

Is Ketogenic Diet Good For Losing Weight ?  We are often confused by the new trends and endless promotions of weight loss diet plans ?

What is Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is the most popular new diet trend prevailing today. It is low carb, high fat diet plan basically used as a therapeutic diet to treat specific medical conditions like diabetes ,epilepsy, alzheimers disease.

If we compare Keto diets with other diets like Paleo, South Beach diets , Dukan diets , Atkins all are high in protein but moderate in fat. In contrast , Ketogenic diet has a high fat content – 70% to 80%, though with only a moderate intake of protein because eating too much of protein can prevent ketosis. The amino acids in protein can be converted to glucose and hence used as a source of energy .

The principle of the keto diet for weight loss is to deprive the body of glucose -the main source of energy for all cells in the body , the body begins to use fat as its primary fuel. The liver produces ketone bodies from fat , which is used in the absence of glucose. When these ketone bodies accumulate in the blood , this is called ketosis.

Healthy individuals will produce insulin to prevent excessive ketones from forming,however, the number of ketone bodies that are form are variable from person to person.

Lets check carb rich foods – which are banned : starches -refined – whole grains ,breads , pasta, rice,cookies,potatoes ,corn , vegetables , fruits, juices,etc

Fat rich foods allowed are : meat, butter, cheese, nuts,avocado,seeds, ghee, fish,plant oils 

Keto diets can be followed for weightloss for a very short duration under expert guidance , if followed for long term will have metabolic disturbances in the body. Transition from a high carb diet to a low carb diet should be gradually .


ByRitika Lamba

Enjoy the creative colorful salads !!!!!Health benefits

Lets be more creative in making your salad colorful,tasty,crunchy,balanced,appealing and healthy. Yes,its time to change from the only known traditionally raw salads cut into slices and sprinkled with lemon and salt to the creative mouthwatering salads !!!

Starting your meal with a bowl of healthy salads helps your body to absorb more nutrients and gives more satiety value ,which aids in weight loss too.People who donot like to eat veggies can mix them with fruits also to make it more appealing and delicious.This will give you more antioxidants which will protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

You can use lots of raw or steamed veggies in your salad bowl.Add more herbs like oregano,rosemary,peppers ,vinegar or apple cider vinegar, etc to make it taste better. Instead of using cheese /creams use hung curd or salsa or barbeque sauce to add more palatability.

Your leafy greens and raw veggies are a superb source of natural fiber and consuming enough fiber each day has several health advantages.Fiber helps to reduce bad cholesterol , excess sugars in the blood.It helps in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance too.People who eat enough fibre may have a lower risk of developing cancers too. Fibre helps to prevent constipation too.

Remeber ,lets be more creative in combining fruits and veggies to make a healthy bowl of salad !!!

Eat well……..Live well !!!!!

ByRitika Lamba

How to deal with sugar cravings after meals ?

Are you one of those,who have sugar cravings especially after a meal ? Sugar cravings that strike after a meal may be due to Serotonin, a feel good brain chemical thats associated with an elevated mood. Eating a sugary desert causes serotonin levels to rise in the brain , which can make you feel calmer and happier.

Sometimes , ending our meals with something sweet is a habit also. Other reason can be when we are on a strict diet and deprived of sweets , then we feel like breaking a the diet and look for something sweet.

It happens you have just finished a big hearty meal , but instead of feeling full and satisfied , you crave for something extra.It’s not pulses or vegetables that you yearn for-It’s SWEETS.

How to deal with sugar cravings after a meal ?

Don’t cut down on sugars completely ,craving sugars after a meal is natural. It’s best to eat low calorie healthy sugars after your meal like chew some sauf , fruit or fruit yogurt, little dark chocolate , dried figs or prunes , dried cranberries, jaggery etc.Otherwise ,if you don’t want to eat anything at all then indulge in some work so that the craving goes out of your mind. Few other handy techniques like brushing your teeth after eating or chewing a piece of minty sugarfree gum can also help you. The sugar craving is mostly due to psychological reason than physiological.The desire occurs out of a habit of eating you meal with sweets.

Remember ,craving sugar after meals is a natural phenomenon ,nothing harms if it is in moderation.  

Eat well………….Live well !!!!!!


ByRitika Lamba

How to lose weight quickly in ten days?

Losing weight requires changes in your daily routine.The more changes you make the more weight you can expect to lose between now and the end of the 10 days. A big occasion is just ten days away and you want to look glamorous in a new outfit. You want to try a new look with bold make up and high heels. But you are not sure how you will lose weight quickly?

Don’t worry !Simply incorporate these easy to follow diet tips in your lifestyle and you will see a lot of difference. 

The first thing you do when you wake up is to eat a fruit or handful of nuts within 30 minutes of getting up.Drink a glass of warm lemon water with some tulsi leaves.Do some yoga or stretching for 10-15 minutes.Include a high biological value protein in your breakfast meal.Chewing your food well gives you more satiety.Concentrate on eating your food. Do not use gadgets while  eating. Hydrate your body with water or infused water instead of sugary carbonated beverages. Eat high fiber,whole unprocessed foods. Try to incorporate raw salads in your diet. Do gymming ,swimming,aerobics , pilates,  zumba ,strength training -any form of physical activity 45 minutes daily.Have your dinner early and light. Have a filling evening snack so that you don’t overeat late night .Have cinnamon lemon water half an hour before sleeping.Get a good sleep.

For a customized diet plan to lose weight quickly in ten days contact us at 9855710641

ByRitika Lamba


With Summer’s here in all its glory ,we have got you a special recipes of delicious summer smoothies,you would love to try !

Ten minutes is all you will need to make this healthy weight loss low calorie summer special refreshing smoothie.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables smoothie is the best way to improve the nutrient density of your diet,without adding too many calories to it.Raw vegetables and fruit smoothies provide the richest available food source of vitamins ,minerals,and enzymes,much needed by our depleted bodies. Cooking  destroys these enzymes and most vitamins . Moreover ,they helps you to eat large quantities of raw food ,which are rich in nutrients and minerals and help you lose excess weight.

They assist your body to take in nutrients from leafy greens and veggies easier than it does when you chew them.Your body has to break down food to receive nutrients ,but with a fresh smoothie ,all the nutrients are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream so you benefit right away.

Try these healthy weight loss smoothie combinations :

Apple +cucumber+beetroot+carrot+mint+tomato+water

Pomegranate +beetroot+strawberries +water

Kale +cilantro+spinach+banana+kiwi+water

Pineapple +coconut water+mango+flaxseeds +chia seeds

Spinach+avocado+banana+chiaseeds+coconut water 

Enjoy summer smoothies !!!!!

ByRitika Lamba

Benefits of eating Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds are Superfoods. While you may have been told to avoid nuts and seeds due to their high fat and calorie content , these tasty superfoods contain heart healthy unsaturated fats and are truly terrific to include in your diet. They provide plenty of fibre, plant protein,Polyphemus, plant sterols,vitamins, and minerals. They are rich in anti oxidants,which further helps to protect the PUFA from oxidation,and assist in the absorption of carotenoids in vegetables.Walnuts contain omega-3 ALA , Almonds have polyphenols,Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc ,,etc.They can be added in salads ,smoothies,milk shakes,dressings,sauces as they aid in the absorption of carotenoids .I recommend eating a handful of nuts and seeds in your daily diet as a good source of fat. Regular consumption of nuts n seeds are more likely to meet recommended intakes of Vt.A ,Vt.C, Folate ,Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, and Fiber.They are tasty, convenient and can be enjoyed on all kinds of diet.

List of some commonly consumed nuts and seeds :

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Flax seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
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