How to deal with sugar cravings after meals ?

ByRitika Lamba

How to deal with sugar cravings after meals ?

Are you one of those,who have sugar cravings especially after a meal ? Sugar cravings that strike after a meal may be due to Serotonin, a feel good brain chemical thats associated with an elevated mood. Eating a sugary desert causes serotonin levels to rise in the brain , which can make you feel calmer and happier.

Sometimes , ending our meals with something sweet is a habit also. Other reason can be when we are on a strict diet and deprived of sweets , then we feel like breaking a the diet and look for something sweet.

It happens you have just finished a big hearty meal , but instead of feeling full and satisfied , you crave for something extra.It’s not pulses or vegetables that you yearn for-It’s SWEETS.

How to deal with sugar cravings after a meal ?

Don’t cut down on sugars completely ,craving sugars after a meal is natural. It’s best to eat low calorie healthy sugars after your meal like chew some sauf , fruit or fruit yogurt, little dark chocolate , dried figs or prunes , dried cranberries, jaggery etc.Otherwise ,if you don’t want to eat anything at all then indulge in some work so that the craving goes out of your mind. Few other handy techniques like brushing your teeth after eating or chewing a piece of minty sugarfree gum can also help you. The sugar craving is mostly due to psychological reason than physiological.The desire occurs out of a habit of eating you meal with sweets.

Remember ,craving sugar after meals is a natural phenomenon ,nothing harms if it is in moderation.  

Eat well………….Live well !!!!!!


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