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With Summer’s here in all its glory ,we have got you a special recipes of delicious summer smoothies,you would love to try !

Ten minutes is all you will need to make this healthy weight loss low calorie summer special refreshing smoothie.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables smoothie is the best way to improve the nutrient density of your diet,without adding too many calories to it.Raw vegetables and fruit smoothies provide the richest available food source of vitamins ,minerals,and enzymes,much needed by our depleted bodies. Cooking  destroys these enzymes and most vitamins . Moreover ,they helps you to eat large quantities of raw food ,which are rich in nutrients and minerals and help you lose excess weight.

They assist your body to take in nutrients from leafy greens and veggies easier than it does when you chew them.Your body has to break down food to receive nutrients ,but with a fresh smoothie ,all the nutrients are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream so you benefit right away.

Try these healthy weight loss smoothie combinations :

Apple +cucumber+beetroot+carrot+mint+tomato+water

Pomegranate +beetroot+strawberries +water

Kale +cilantro+spinach+banana+kiwi+water

Pineapple +coconut water+mango+flaxseeds +chia seeds

Spinach+avocado+banana+chiaseeds+coconut water 

Enjoy summer smoothies !!!!!

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