About Dt.Ritika


Passionate about Nutrition & Lifestyle

 Dt.Ritika Lamba is a practicing clinical nutritionist, health adviser and diet counselor. She believes that there are no quick fixes. Eating must be enjoyed and mindful eating is a science and art. Eating well is a form of self -respect. She is actively involved in clinical practice and deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including cardio vascular  disorder, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gastro intestinal disorders, allergies etc. She is a member of Indian Dietetic Association.She works as a consultant with many hospitals , she is invited to schools,colleges and other organisations to create awareness about nutrition.As a part of her commitment towards community nutrition and public health she organizes free camps at her clinic where various tests are conducted free of cost. Knowledgeable seminars / talks by the doctors are also conducted at her clinic.Good nutrition will prevent 95 percent of all diseases. 
her philosophy

She was always interested in the nutrition field. She wants to cure medical disorders related to lifestyle with the right nutritional therapy. Her aim is spreading awareness regarding healthy and unhealthy foods. Clearing lot of myths and fads that prevails in our society was her major concern. EAT WELL TO LIVE WELL is her motto.

As she began to dig deeper into the research, she found how to really help her clients achieve health from the inside-out. Her approach to wellness was helping clients focus more on listening to their body’s internal cues than only external appearance. Now, almost so many years later, she has evolved her own theory to use her expertise in nutrition to develop a more therapeutic approach to wellness.One that goes beyond just lowering the number on the scale to help women understand and strengthen their relationship with food, and start making friends with their hips, thighs, arms, and belly, so they can focus on what really matters: ruling the world. Fit is not a destination it is a way of life.

About Her Mission

Her mission is to create awareness in the society regarding right nutrition. Focus on health, not only on weight.

Fun Facts About Her

She enjoys spending her free time travelling with her family. She loves to explore different cuisines and learn about their food n nutritive values around the world. She is a working professional as well as good home maker too, who loves to spend quality of time with family and friends.

About her Vision

A world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition


completed internship for three months at
DMCH, Ludhiana

Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH)  is a 1326 bedded tertiary care teaching hospital in North India

Completed Internship for six months at
cmc, ludhiana

Christian Medical College  is an educational & research institution of an all India character 

Clinical Dietitian for
seven years at Deepak
Hospital, ludhiana

Deepak Hospital is a multispeciality and super speciality hospital in ludhiana

Kidney transplant and surgical dietitian for three years at Aastha Hospital, ludhiana

Aastha Hospital is a Kidney Care Super Speciality Hospital in Civil Lines, Ludhiana

Worked in Cardiology Unit​ at Kulwant Heart Centre, LUDHIANA

Kulwant Heart Centre is a Superspeciality Cardiac & Vascular Care Hospital in Ludhiana

Worked in muscle building and weight loss diets for one year at Woodhouse gym, LUDHIANA

Woodhouse Fitness And Wellness gym is located at
Western Mall, 5th Floor, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana

Diet Clinic in Ludhiana-Ritika the Diet Advisor

She started her private clinical practice in 2013 and given satisfactory results to many patients and clients till date.

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